My name is Sophie Vrolijk, born and raised in Noordwijkerhout, a small narrow minded town, loved by it’s stunning dunes and beaches. For that reason I eat sand for breakfast and it’s why I at least have 25 bikini’s, but it’s also why I moved to The Hague and Amsterdam, to figure out who I am as painter and as human. Well…(hold on)….I am still on the fence. But what I do know, is when I paint, I feel happy.

So I rather don’t tell you about my easy distraction, my thirty-thousand ideas, and my ‘but first coffee’ moments… I will only tell you about the result: a studio full of unfinished, and luckely enough, also finished paintings. But you must know I am getting closer to accept my flaws. Like I do with others all the time. Imperfections are actually what I do love the most about others. In fact this is why I always have an excuse to look for the best coffee in town. It’s to just observe and feel ordinary people. To swallow how they drink their coffee, eat their donuts and smoke their cigarettes. And mostly it will be followed by falling endlessly in love with certain brushstrokes and colormixed skintones, (without knowing I am actually missing the appointment with my dentist). For me, painting (and horseriding) truly is the best thing.

Recently, I decided to move to Spain. Not to jump on a bangwagon, but to push some bounderies and to develop myself as painter and as a human. Together with my lover and two friends we will renovate an old countryside finca. So paint-wise, I will be literally switching between wall and canvas. Without having a clue where this will lead me to. But it’s living life to the fullest. And come rain or shine, I will keep painting and horseriding anyway.